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How It Works

Creating private workspaces and collaborating online has never been so easy

Super fast & intuitive online workspaces

Meet your team in real-time

Engagement tools for an immersive class

Full security & privacy in your meetings

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The Next Generation of Online Education

Do you plan to deliver education online? Stop looking for another videoconferencing platform, and try a real education focused platform, with all the tools you need to bring your real classroom to the digital world!

Do not feel again that you are talking alone. With iLern you'll enjoy from

  • Fully Immersive Classroom Experience
  • Collaborating Tools
  • Attendance Statistics in real-time
  • All Devices Compatiility

and many more you'll discover

Classroom Management

Enjoy from full control on your meetings, by promoting or downgrading your spectators.

Easy Collaboration

Receive feedback from your students in a few clicks.

Share with them your results to engage your class to your lessons, and give them a plus of motivation.

All-in-one site with all the needed tools for an effective real time collaboration

Stop using different apps to do a single lesson. You will no longer need to get out of the meeting room until you finish your lesson.

All the necessary tools in the same place.

Simultaneous Videoconferencing & Whiteboarding

See your student's faces while you collaborate with them in real-time, all in the same place

Live Document Editing & Multi user Whiteboarding

Upload the documents you want to use in your lessons and edit them in real-time, or let your students edit them by themselves.

Our Main Features

Security & Privacy

Disruption-free classes, stop worrying about your personal data

All Devices Compatibility

High quality education for all your students. Break the digital gap.

No Software Downloads Needed

You only need an internet connection

Unlimited Video & Audio Conferences

Enjoy from unlimited time on your conferences.

Real Time Collaboration

Engage your audience to interactive and immersive lessons with all the needed tools

Online Support

Contact our team if you need help or assistance.We are here for you!

Great things in life are never done individually.

Learn by doing with iLern, give better lessons and engage your students with all the tools you need.

Once you try it, you'll never get back to traditional education.

Take a look at our plans, and choose the most suitable for you, or just contact us in case you need help!